Designing your Business Cards

Whether you’re a total beginner or a creative professional, we have design options to help you create your own Business Card.

Car Magnets

Foil print in a variety of colors

Promotional Products Submission Guidelines

1. All Orders Received after Noon (12pm EST) enter schedule on next day.
Each job must be written as a separate PO & must be shipped under separate POís, cannot be combined.
Production Schedule: 7-14 working days upon receipt of PO, Art, Merchandise & Approval.
All goods must be in house 3 business days prior to set production date to avoid delay.
Purchase Order forms, artwork and merchandise must be complete prior to being put on production schedule.
Note: All Payment Arrangements must be finalized before entering production schedule.

2. The quality of your imprint depends upon the quality of artwork supplied to us. All orders requiring artwork must be sent in as Black and White Camera Ready vector art. Artwork can be submitted via E-Mail. Whether you are Mac or PC based, we are able to accept your graphic files if you meet the requirements listed. To ensure this and avoid delays or art charges please adhere to our specifications.
Note: Our delivery schedule may depend on the quality of artwork submitted and upon any changes made to the artwork once the artwork has been worked on.

3. Artwork can be accepted from the following programs:
Adobe Illustrator
Photoshop – All EPS, TIFF, JPEG files (layered if possible)
They must be 600 dpi or higher at 100% of final size or larger.
Note: Vector Art is preferred. It provides the best quality and allows images to be resized without loss of sharpness and detail.

4. If scanned images are used with artwork, they MUST be sent as a separate file scanned at 600 dpi or higher. (If not actual size, scan at a higher resolution. This will prevent loss of quality.)
Note: ALL fonts must be converted to outlines, curves or paths (vector).

5. We do not accept: Gif files, Page layout files such as Quark or Pagemaker, Word processing documents such as MS Word/Power Point, Photocopies or PMTís of photocopies, business cards, letterheads, fax transmissions, etc. (These formats are too low of a quality to ensure you a quality imprint.)
Note: Our delivery schedule may depend on the quality of artwork submitted and upon any changes made to the artwork once the artwork has been worked on.

6. Please email your Purchase Order and a Hard Copy of the Artwork for Verication.
Please Note: Artwork with tight registration, halftones, screen tints and/or bleeds must be reviewed by our Art Department for approval. Avoid very fine lines, both in type and illustrations.

7. These items will be printed using a full color process imprint, also known as CMYK printing. Full color process printing uses a combination of four inks that reproduce a wide range of colors at the cost of only four colors. If your branding has very specific color guidelines, please provide them to us as a CMYK breakdown (ex: C10 M50 Y40 K15), or provide a Pantone value the factory can reference. However, we cannot guarantee an exact Pantone match when printing using a full color process.
4-Color Process:
Colors must be CMYK. Not all RGB or LAB colors can be rendered in CMYK properly. Therefore, you can make any necessary adjustments before sending your file.
Custom-named colors must be provided as process colors in the swatches palette, not spot colors.
4 color process grays, should be created from black, or they may produce undesired results in CMYK. The percentage must not be below 18%, or it may not print.
Spot Colors. All colors must be a valid Pantone+ Solid Coated name. (Ex: Pantone XXX C) If not, it will not be recognized, and will be produced from a varied CMYK breakdown that can render undesired results. (Examples of non-compliant names: Pantone XXX a description C, Sky Blue, PMS Green 347, etc.) Soft edge/Transparencies/Layer effects
Soft edges/feathered edges/transparencies get the best results when produced on white substrates.
When these type of effects (including layer effects such as overlay, multiply, etc.) are created in the software (Ex: Adobe Illustrator), they can have undesired results when going into production.

Gradients created from Pantone Solid Coated colors yield undesired results. These may need to be converted to a strictly CMYK breakdown in order for the gradient to be smooth. However, the colors will be altered, and may not look like the Pantone Solid Coated colors originally desired.

8. Email Art & PO to:
To Order UMA PRINT products by phone: 305-619-3143; 305-619-3227
Submitting your artwork:

Email us your artwork directly..
For large files, you can use dropbox. Its free but you will need to sign up for service.
You can also use google drive. It is also free and a good choice if you already have a gmail account.